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Trentham Estate Temporary Diversion

The path through Monument Wood in the Trentham Estate is temporarily closed (due to four sheep being killed on the estate by dogs off leads in one week in October).
Trentham Estate advise that the route around the west of the gardens is still accessible:
“The only part of the route which is closed is the permissive path through Monument Wood so it’s not such a significant diversion to the route as the route past the Monkey Forest, through Spring Valley and Kings Wood to North Park remains open.”
We hope that the issue is resolved and there are no further problems with dogs in the area, and the path past the Monument can be restored.

Local Co-ordinators

Two Saints Way have a team of volunteer local co-ordinators – their role is to oversee the section of the route in their locality, making sure the footpaths are clear and the signs are still in place.  If you have any concerns or comments about sections of the path then do contact one of our co-ordinators:

Chester: Catherine Green and Lyn Collins – From Chester to the boundary with Cheshire East between Beeston and Bunbury

Nantwich: Nigel Winzer with – From Bunbury to the M6 near Barthomley

Stoke-on-Trent: Marg Hardcastle –  From M6 near Audley to Trentham – including the route through Stoke.

Stone: Paul Graetz – From Salt to Stoke Minster

Stafford: Peter Graysmith – From Salt to Marquis Drive

Lichfield: Lilas Rawling with Angela Bickley from Marquis Drive to Lichfield