Planning Your Walk

Some serious long distance walkers will walk the four sections in four days. You can work out alternative plans depending on how much walking you want to do each day and also remembering that it is good to allow time to visit the interesting sites along the route.

Here is a possible plan for those who hope to do the walk in one week. It allows for half a day in both Chester and Lichfield because they are both such interesting cities with a great deal to offer and also because, in the traditions of pilgrimage, it is good to allow time to prepare yourself at the start and to give time for reflection at the journey’s end. This plan can simply be reversed if you choose to walk from Lichfield to Chester.

Day 1 Time for visiting sites and preparation in Chester. Walk to Waverton 6 miles
Day 2 Waverton to Nantwich 18 miles
Day 3 Nantwich to Audley 16 miles
Day 4 Audley to Stone 17 miles
Day 5 Stone to Milford 17 miles
Day 6 Milford to Cannock Wood 12 miles
Day 7 Cannock Wood to Lichfield with time for visits and ending well 6 miles


Baggage Transfer

A baggage transfer service is available through Staffordshire on Foot. Please contact Collin on or 07966 132138 or 01785 609077 for further information.