Getting Involved

We have only got to the stage we have reached in the project now because of some great help from volunteers giving of their time. If you want to offer help in any way or have other suggestions, please use the contact details to get in touch. Here are some of the ways you can get involved in the project now…

Trialling the route. We need people to walk the route using the draft guidebook to check it for clarity and to report any issues such as broken stiles or route diversions.
Local history research. In the guidebook, there will be brief inserts on local history. We welcome submissions for possible inclusion. On the website there should also be potential for many contributions in this area.
Photographs. We are collecting photographs of the route. Some of these may be for submission in the final version of the guidebook and others may be used on the website.
Circular routes. We would like at some stage to produce some associated circular walking routes of varying lengths which would include part of the Two Saints Way. We would welcome suggestions.
Fundraising. Our main way of fundraising is through a scheme called Adopt a Mile of the Two Saints Way. Please click here to find out more about it and if you would like to adopt a mile please contact us. As we seek funding to set up the route, we welcome donations. Click here to find out how you can give. Also you may know of charitable trusts that we might approach for funding. Not all trusts are accessible via the internet.
Praying. Please let us know if you would like to pray for the project.