Reviving Some Whacky Customs!

Pilgrims in medieval times did some pretty strange things and we think it is good for people to do those things today if they find them meaningful. For example, pilgrims used to mark their forearms with a cross and we hope to eventually provide a transfer of St Chad’s Cross. However, once pilgrims have completed their journey there is no reason why they may not wish to acquire a permanent tattoo!

Pilgrims used to bring stones to Stone and this custom is being revived now. Pilgrims can leave their stones by the stained glass window of St Wulfad & St Rufin in St Michael & St Wulfad’s Church. The custom symbolises laying down burdens the pilgrim does not want to carry on with in the rest of their lives.

At Lichfield Cathedral there is a pedilavium which was used for footwashing and this custom was also revived during the inaugural pilgrimage. By prior arrangement it will be possible to have your feet washed there at the end of your pilgrimage! Another custom was for pilgrims to sleep by the shrine of St Chad for what was called “the night of dreams” – again there may be possibilities for that to happen once again.